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About Chinese classical poetry

2018/2/7 20:48:11
About Chinese classical poetry
Today, my younger brother who was in primary school asked me some questions of Chinese. One of the questions is to ask Chinese classical poetry. The problem is to let you explain the meaning of a sentence in a poetry. I tried to answer it, but I found it really hard. I found the answer to the question very easily. But I was shocked. A short sentence in a poetry contains so much information that it contains the rich feelings of the poet. The sentences are also very rhyme. So I'm going to start to understand poetry.
Poetry is a highly concise language to express the author's emotions and to reflect the social life. Poetry originated in the Zhou dynasty. When science and technology were not developed, people used poetry in order to facilitate the transmission of information. In the Tang Dynasty, the development of poetry reached its peak. There are many famous poets, such as Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi and so on. They all contributed to the Chinese poetry culture. By now, we will write more modernist poetry, modernist poetry is more free than classical poetry, and you don't care about the number of words and rhyme.
Classical poetry is the essence of history and it is also the spiritual pillar of the Chinese.

This is Li Bai and Du Fu.

This is a famous poetry.

My most distressing thing was to recite the ancient poems in my primary school. Oh my bad memory.
2018/3/8 14:50:56