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Young actor Deng Chao

2018/2/9 13:21:00
Young actor Deng Chao
Deng Chao, born in 1979 in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, chinese actor, film director, investment producer. In 1995 admitted to the Jiangxi Vocational and Technical College drama class, admitted to the Central Academy of Drama in 1998 performance department, after graduation into the China National Theater.
From 2001 to 2002 starring in the romantic comedy "When Love Lost Memory" and debut, in which plays the humorous sunshine boy Lee. In 2006, his starring war film "Assembly" won the Best Supporting Actor for the Hundred Flowers Award and the Golden Rooster Award, which greatly inspired his acting career. In 2009 starring martial arts film "Di Renjie Heaven's Empire", nominated Hong Kong Film Awards best supporting actor, which is recognized by everyone, and thus added a lot of fans, in 2015 with the crime film "scorching sun" won 18th Shanghai International Film Festival Best Actor Award and Nomination Golden Horse Award for Best Actor.
Similarly, Deng Chao's marriage also received widespread attention. Deng Chao's wife is Shanghai actress Sun Li,  in 2005 because of the drama "happy like flowers,"starting to love each other, a year later married.February 8, 2010 (Deng Chao birthday the same day) the two registered to marry, they have two children of a son and a daughter, eldest son Deng Hanzhi , daughter Deng Hanyi .Sun Li is also a famous acting star, starring “The Legend of ZhenHuan" and burst into red, when the media and fans call it "goddess", performing arts road downwind.
Deng Chao as a middle-aged actor, acting has also been affirmed by everyone, hoping in the future, he can bring us more and better works.

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Deng Chao and Sun Li

Deng Chao and his son