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A trip to ShuHe ancient town

2018/2/9 21:41:37
A trip to ShuHe ancient town
In China, a month before the Spring Festival, some families will travel to relax.This year, my father's company gave him a year-end bonus.So we decided to finish a family trip before the Spring Festival.Our destination is the ShuHe ancient town in YunNan province.
ShuHe, naxi language is called "solid wood".It is one of the earliest settlements of naxi ancestors in lijiang dam, and it is also the living specimen of naxi ancestors from the agricultural civilization to commercial civilization.ShuHe is an important part of the world cultural heritage site, which was selected by CCTV in 2005 as “The Charming Chinese City.”From the ancient city of LiJiang to the north, and along the main road on the east side of ZhongJi sea, we can see a dense village at the foot of the mountain.This is ShuHe ancient town , also known as LongQuan village.The houses in the old town are strewn at random.YuLong snow mountain can be seen far north of the town.There are two springs to the east of the town, one of which is called “LongQuan” pool.The overflow from the pool meanders through the village to the benefit of the plebeian.
It was four or five o 'clock in the afternoon when we arrived at ShuHe, and there were not many visitors at this time.The commercial atmosphere here is much lighter than the old town of LiJiang.It's really quiet.We walked along the brick lane in the ancient town, and felt as if the time had grown long.God, in that long time, in that long time, please carve our footprints.We crossed over the Bridges and stepped over the blocks of brick on the water.Whether it is the small tree edge, the grass, or the gate, our steps are everywhere.
We were walking along the road, and the atmosphere of the old town was as romantic as a dream.When the night came, we used the navigation software to find the inn that had already been booked, and ready to wash away the fatigue of the day with a dream.

The mountains are mixed with water.

Some cruise ships waiting for tourists.

The spring is flowing with the lotus pond.

The panoramic view of the ancient town taken from the mountain.

Sunset glow