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The symbol of old Shanghai: Shikumen

2018/2/10 4:21:08
The symbol of old Shanghai: Shikumen
Shikumen is a symbol of old Shanghai, is Shanghai's most representative residential buildings. Shikumen house located in all districts, mainly in Zhabei, Hongkou and Yangpu District. Buildings in old alley in Shanghai is generally Shikumen architecture, which originated in the Taiping Rebellion. The war at that time forced wealthy merchants, landlords and government officials and gentry in Jiangsu and Zhejiang province to join the concession to seek asylum. Foreign real estate agents took the opportunity to build a large number of houses.
In the 1920s and 1930s, the enclosure was still the main feature of Shanghai's residential buildings. However, it no longer focused on carving. Instead, it pursued simplicity, advanced more into a single entry, and Shikumen houses with Chinese and Western origins came into being. This kind of building has absorbed a lot of style of Jiangnan dwelling houses, door made of stone and door made of thick solid wood of solid black paint, hence the name "Shikumen".
Shikuomen culture has nurtured and nourished modern civilization in Shanghai. As a symbol, Shikumen culture represents the cultural characteristics of modern Shanghai. Of course, also tolerate the black-skinned culture and gray culture, which should be clearly aware of.
"Shikumen Complex" reflects Shanghai people's memory and longing for harmonious and warm interpersonal relationships and neighborhood relations. It should become the new direction of Shanghai's residential construction and community culture construction.


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