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Take your wind-proof equipment if you go outside by bike or electric bicycle.

2017/12/27 9:40:54
Take your wind-proof equipment if you go outside by bike or electric bicycle.
These days, the low temperature makes us have an illusion of we’ve already been in cold winter. Actually, we are still lingering around autumn but not stepping into winter yet.

  I go to work by electric bicycle everyday as many other people do in China. It would be much colder if we don’t take any measure to keep warm. We are easy to get a cold, have a headache or have a sore throat. Therefore, what could we do to keep warm on the way to work in such a cold winter becomes a very important matter.

  First, to better isolate us from cold wind, we need a wind-proof quilt which is a standard equipment for us going to work by electric bicycle in winter nowadays. It is fixed in the front part of the electric bicycle,right against our knees. Inside the wind-proof quilt is velvet, which protects our hands from the fierce wind.

  Second, to prevent us from getting a cold, we need to protect our head.Sometimes we will get a headache if our head is exposed outside against the cold wind especially when we go to work by electric bicycle. Thus, a fur cap with earflaps and a face mask are necessary.

  Third, to protect our neck, we need a scarf. It is because our neck is very sensitive to cold air. If we don’t take care of them, it is really easy for us to get cold.

  Being equipped with all the things above, we’re ready to ride our little electric bicycles to start a new day.It will be a nice day beginning with warmth on your “little horse”.Really hope it will be helpful to all of you.

A wind-proof quilt

A cap with earflaps

A scarf will keep you warm.

If you feel cold,so some exercises in the morning.I don't need these in my warm winter~
2017/12/15 11:45:43