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My mother's influence on me.

2018/2/8 10:44:53
My mother's influence on me.
My mother is a simple woman who comes from the countryside with little education.But in my eyes, she is the greatest mother in the world.Her perseverance gives me courage in all my life.Whenever I have  trouble doing something and think about giving up, the scene that happened three years ago to mother just come into my mind.  Having asked for a leave from the teacher, I left the boring class and went to home with my favorite novel tucked under my arm.Father was at work, brother was at school, mother wouldn't be back from her small store until evening I felt very happy thinking that I would have the entire house to myself.I bounded up steps, burst into the room but was shocked by whatever I saw.Mother was sitting in the sofa, sobbing with her shoulder twitching.I had never seen mother crying before.I went close to her, asking what had hapened.She wiped her tears, forced a smile, and told me calmly that her small store was going to break.I didn’t know how to comfort her at the moment, but I did know what the small store meant to h Mother ran the small store in order for my brother and me to have a better education.As father worked with low salary which could merely afford the whole family's life necessities, mother had to try hard to earn money for our education.She was frantic to make money before she managed the store herself.She once worked day and night for months on end in a small restaurant.It was a very difficult period of time for her.But she never complained before us.Eventually, she had her own business by running the small store.And she really managed it well all the time with great efforts.This will undoubtedly take everything away from my mother.I couldn't help worrying about her.She patted me on my shoulder, speaking with a faint smile: "Well, it may not be that serious.I'll try to make it better whatever.    Now both my brother and I are studying at college.     Mother works harder to finance our education.She is struggling by all means to keep the store business going.Her unusual perseverance is so inspiring to me that I will never give up halfway in my life.

It was really too much for a woman.But she never gave up.She just went ahead with her unusual perseverance.

Maybe my mom is just a normal person in other's eyes ,but in my heart,she is a great mom.

Today we have a buffet with mom.

fashionable mom hhh~
2018/3/8 17:02:29