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Does the child feel lonely

2018/2/9 9:09:15
Does the child feel lonely

Nowadays, most students born between 1987 and 1997are the only child of their families. I am one of them. Personally speaking, I do not want to be the only child of my family.

The reason why I am unwilling to be the only child is quite obvious. I always feel lonely and helpless. I have ever discussed it with my classmates and they have got the same feelings as me. When school is over, we go back home and have no one to talk with, for parents are busy with their jobs or house chores. Even when they have leisure time, due to the generation gap, we find we have nothing in common. On our way to adults, we have met a lot of trouble on which we linger and ponder. If each of us has an elder brother or sister, we can consult him or her. Of course, brothers and sisters are not always under an atmosphere of cooperation. Sometimes they quarrel; sometimes they argue; sometimes they compromise. Being not the only child in the family offers us early experiences of getting along with each other. The feeling of loneliness delays our ability to cope with others, because most of our childhood, we stay alone more than stay with others

We all hope to have a sibling to release ourselves from the trouble above. Probably, when we grow mature and find we can substitute a sibling with friends, cousins or hobbies, we will not feel lonely any longer.                                                           
Most of the Chinese people think that a family with one child is better than those with more children. For one thing, many people will try their best to achieve career success and have little time to care about their children; for another, if they only raise one child they can afford better education for the child.

But there are also some negative views about the one-child family. They think it is better to have a big family. Everyone in the family can help each other when they have difficulties. What is more, the more children they have, the better life they will live when they grow old.

In my opinion, it's enough for a family to have one child. Nowadays population expansion is one of the most serious problems in the world. Population expansion contributes to a series of problems: shortage of natural resources and food supply,crowded cities and high rate of unemployment. Some day the earth will be too crowded for people to live in

A recent study has found that many children don’t know how to love others!

In a word,as long as be sincere and keep integrity in mind,everyone can cope with other people and make friends with each other.

In our daily life,it is necessary and important to cope with all kinds of people.

yes,everyone feels lonely sometimes and as we grow up,I think many try their best to make them busy to avoid being lonely...
2018/3/8 15:29:13