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The end of the fucking world

2018/2/8 21:02:32
The end of the fucking world
The End of the Fucking World, a British TV series, has become a hit and received good remarks ever since it came out. I watched this TV series as soon as I read an essay about it, and I found it fantasnating. 
The End of The Fucking World is about two 17-year-old teenagers, Alyssa(played byJessica Barden ) and James(played by Alex Lawther ), who ran away from home and went on a road trip, during which so many unexpected things happened. Alyssa doesn’t like her family, because her mother only cares about her twin brothers and her stepfather, and her stepfather keeps sending her sexual signals. James witnessed his mother’s suicide at a young age and believes that himself is a psycho. Alyssa talks James into the trip, while James is planning killing her. But in the end, James realized that he is not a psycho and he doesn’t want to kill people. Down deep, James is still a kind guy, and Alyssa who is rebellous and bold brings out the soft spot of him. They two are growing on this trip of various troubles. At the same time, the director and actors show those troubles in a kind of humorous way, which make you laugh while feeling sad. What touching about this TV series is that Alyssa and James are healing each other from their past wounds, so are they healing us, the audience. We all are trying to seek a way to get out of our sorrows after watching it. Besides, the color is typical of British style, cold and dim, but also comforting. The End of The Fucking World does not only depicts a bleak real world, but also provides people with hope. Perhaps this all it is about, finding a silver line in our fucking life, in this fucking world.
The first season just ended, and the two teenagers are still on the trip and they are in huge trouble. What’s the fate of the two poor guys? Will they get out the trouble and get on with their life? To be continued in the next season. I am crazy about this TV series and I will definitely watch the following seasons.

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The TV play was well received on the Douban.
2018/3/12 10:24:51