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You have a pet? Yo,share your stories with me!

2017/12/27 10:24:03
You have a pet? Yo,share your stories with me!
In the amazing world of animals,I love dogs most. And they are the best friends of human beings. They are loyal and docile. They can be our most faithful companions.Remember your lifelong companion may betray you some day but yor dogs never.

  In summer of 2014,I got a Bichon. Actually, I found it when I was hanging around. I named it Baby. Baby disliked dog food but preferred to have rice soup with me. Baby had an odd temper. Once I took it to a pet store and shaved off its hair, because its hair got knotted and it was really hard for me to comb. Since then, Baby kept in a bad mood for a long time and even didn’t go outside to hang around any more until I bought some cute pets’ clothes for it. After that time, I began to realize that a dog also has a strong sense of self-respect. It will be angry; it will be shy; it will act like a spoiled brat; it just seems like a child.

  As an old saying goes, “Keep a dog for three days and it will remember you for three years”. Day after day , Baby accepted me as its new owner gradually. I also learned a lot of general knowledge about keeping a pet dog by taking care of it and love it heart and soul. For example, when to give a bath for your dog should depend on its health condition. A dog can’t have baths frequently because its skin is quite vulnerable to be damaged. We should use special shampoos which are exclusive for pets. After bathing, we should dry and comb the dog’s hair in time so that it won’t get knotted. We should also dry it completely to prevent dogs from getting cold. Greasy or salty food are not suitable for the dog’s stomach. Milk neither. A dog mustn’t have grapes and chocolates.I don't know why but those tips are crystalized from the richful experience of many pet owners. The most important thing is that we should feed pets anthelmintics regularly and give them the injections of rabies vaccine every year. It’s not only good for dog’s health, but also a kind of reassurance for the pets’ owners and people around them.

  There are too many stories between Baby and me. And I don’t have time to go on with them now. But really,a pet is truly like a family member and my Baby is so important to me.

Picture of Bichon dog

Special shampoos for pets

Pet clothes

cute dog!I love dogs so much and I will adopt one if I have a bigger room!
2017/12/15 11:48:39