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Mateor Garden - A beautiful youth memory

2018/2/8 22:50:39
Mateor Garden - A beautiful youth memory
Mateor Garden, a television drama, made its debut on April 21th in Taiwan and created a sensation in Asia. Before 2005, at least 500 million people had watched the successful drama in 16 countries and areas. The story begins in a noble college - Yingde college which is established to cultivate the four rich successors - F4. So nobody dares to make an enemy of F4 from kindergarten, primary school, middle school to universtiy. The tense situation doesn't turn around until the heroine called Shancai shows up. She, an ordinary girl, comes to this college because her parents want her to become somebody. But she annoys the leader of F4 called Dao Mingshi by arguing with him in order to help her friend free from humiliation. So F4 begins to revenge her by all means.
When I was a child, I stumbled across this drama and got captivated by its plots. It's the first time that I saw a kiss between a couple. It's the first time that I longed for love. When I came to a relative's home, I also saw the poster of the drama on the wall. Actually, I was too young at that time so I didn't give it a further thought about love. So I review it sometimes. I like Shancai very much because she is the girl who does know what she wants and doesn't want. She dares to fight against the bad people instead of pretending to be inferior to them. At last, Dao Mingshi falls in love with her who teaches him there is still something he can't buy easily. I want to become a girl like her who doesn't want to be lost in this complicated world by becoming tougher and optimistic.
Actually, I don't like domestic dramas very much because they lacks something that resonates with my mind. But the classics like Mateor Garden still are my favourite.

Mateor Garden

The classic

AaaaaaaZhou Yumin is so handsome!(licking the screen.jpg)
2018/7/4 19:23:51
This is probably the first ancestor of the idol drama.
2018/3/12 11:12:05