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The Minor Spring Festival

2018/3/12 17:27:24
The Minor Spring Festival
As is known to all Chinese people, the most important Chinese festival, the Spring Festival is around the corner. But today, the 23rd of the last month of the lunar year, marks the prologue of the Spring Festival. When we enter into the social apps today, we can see that many friends and families are celebrating this day. So what are the traditions about today, the Minor Spring Festival?
The most important tradition is to offer sacrifices to Kitchen God. The Minor Spring Festival has another name called the Festival of the Kitchen God. It’s indicated from ancient books that the Kitchen God was worshipped for a long time in ancient China. What we need to do on the Minor Spring Festival is to offer many kinds of foods to the Kitchen God, especially the sweets. That’s because the offerings will encourage the Kitchen God to say good things about the family when he makes reports on Heaven. Also, if you have the image of the Kitchen God in your home, change it into a new one.
The second thing is to do house cleaning. In Chinese traditional beliefs, the ghosts and deities must make a choice either to return to Heaven or to stay on Earth. We clean the house thoroughly to ensure they leave in time.
There is also a tradition of doing hair-cut on the Minor Spring Festival. It is a sign of starting a new year. So in my hometown, the barber shop is very busy today. Everyone wants to make a new hair-cut to welcome the coming new year.

the Kitchen God

clean the house thoroughly

Chinese people are imaginative actually so i am just wondering why people are saying that many Chinese people lost their imagination...
2018/3/12 14:45:29
Gemma @ Candice : I have seen so many imaginative Chinese people!Maybe there are too many prejudices!
Candice @ Gemma : Yes,and actually in Chiina,I think the achievement in technology and researches are expected to be better.It is not because Chinese people are not smart but maybe scientists and researchers need more attention,care and financial support from both society and government! 
Gemma @ Candice : Yes, I believe there will be.
That's interesting!I love the ancient Chinese stories.
2018/3/9 17:49:53
Gemma @ Mackenzie : Welcome to my blog! I love them too!
Mackenzie @ Gemma : I think even many native Chinese people don't know these stories...