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A snack which made wrinkled your eyebrows when you smell it: Stinky tofu

2018/2/9 8:14:04
A snack which made wrinkled your eyebrows when you smell it: Stinky tofu
Stinky tofu is a Chinese traditional snack, making methods and eating methods are quite different in different regions. There are different types in the north and south. Stinky tofu is also called smelly tofu in the south, which is a distinctive Chinese tradition Snacks, old and traditional, addictive. Production of soybeans, beans, soda ash and so on.
The taste varies greatly in different regions, but it has the characteristics of "smelling stinking but eating incense". Stinky tofu in Nanjing and Changsha is quite well-known, Taiwan, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Yulin and other places of stinky tofu is quite famous.
Nanjing’s stinky tofu, fried into golden yellow tofu block, the smell is very light. Stinky tofu in Wuhan and more "Changsha stinky tofu" style, the production is not the same, is fried with iron plate, not empty and light yellow.
Stinky tofu are very popular snacks in China. Stinky tofu is small, but the production process is complex, usually after frying, adding brine and fermentation and other procedures. Throughout the production process, the requirements have been under natural conditions, the requirement of temperature and humidity are very high. The raw material -tofu is a high nutritional value of soy products, the protein content is15% -20%, which is comparable to meat, it also contains rich calcium. Stinky tofu is called as China's "Vegetarian cheese", its nutritional value even higher than the cheese.

Changsha stinky tofu

Nanjing stinky tofu

There are many stinky tofu snack bars in Hubei and i am one of the frequenters.
2018/2/10 10:38:41
AmberJ @ Tracy : I am a big fan of stinky tofu!!