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Dolphin Princess, why you are so talented and attractive?

2018/3/5 11:58:47
Dolphin Princess, why you are so talented and attractive?
Zhang Liangying, also known as Jane Zhang, is a Chinese singer and song writer. She made her debut in singing career by winning the third place at the Chinese singing contest Super Girl in 2005. She is dubbed as the "Dolphin Princess" who is characterized by her signature whistle register. She has garnered Top Female Artist honors at the China's Pop Chart Awards for 7 consecutive years and boasted a trophy for Best Asian Artist from the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Back in October 2016, Chinese pop star Jane Zhang released the Timbaland-produced "Dust My Shoulders Off" which shot up to the top 5 on the iTunes U.S. charts and  garnered over 12.5 million views on YouTube. So Jane was placed on the cusp of successfully breaking the U.S. market as a Chinese artist. She was also invited to 2017 Victory's Secret Show to sing 808 which added great energy to the stage, becoming the first Asian singer in the famous show.
As a singer, she is so talented and hard-working. She realized her English accent was not good so that she has bought many English books in her studio and has persisted in reading to correct her accent from time to time. In her 2015 tour concert, she fell from lifting platform by accident but still continued her singing despite of the physical pain. In order to alleviate the great pain brought by accumulative waist injury, she puts many fitness equippment in her house to hang herself. She has spent 12 years in creating 15 albums collecting over 400 songs to become an excellent singer. She is my role model who teaches me to persist in perfecting myself.

Zhang Liangying performed in the show.

Zhang Liangying

Hope her career will be more and more successful.
2018/3/12 11:13:41