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To visit Nanjing science and technology museum

2018/2/9 15:42:32
To visit Nanjing science and technology museum
The other day, I went to visit the Nanjing science and technology museum with my friends. When we came to the door of the science and technology museum, we were shaken by the developing science and technology, silently in our life, there are so many original scientific workers in our country's scientific progress. 
We study for four years in Nanjing, thought only of  Nanjing profound culture attract us in the rapid development of science and technology, we first take photos to commemorate, before we went to the science museum on the first floor. That inspired me most is the machine arm robot production and played the piano, in our daily life, robots are gradually integrated into our lives, we can chat with robots when we feel bored,and we are busy,we can let robot help, if we want to listen to music, we can let robot for us to play a tune. So we have more time to enjoy our wonderful life and improve our quality of life. The electric shock experience zone also shocked me greatly, which not only gave us a deep understanding of the power of electric current, but also made us want to explore it more.
Of course, China's space technology is a must show, looking at a huge rocket and carrying the dream of so many Chinese children are the representative work of the whole Chinese science and technology.
As the children of China, while enjoying life, we should have a national feeling and make a contribution to the development of the Chinese nation. To learn more about Chinese science and technology. You will benefit a lot!

The robot is playing piano

The China space rocket

The robot arm

The experience an electric shock