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Tall girls don't wear what's called a womenswear boss?

2018/2/9 19:07:46
Tall girls don't wear what's called a womenswear boss?
There are often girls who complain that they are too short, and they don't look good on them, like a short winter melon. In fact, tall girls also have trouble with tall girls. For example, it looks like the cute and delicate layers of lotus leaves, and the little cute dresses such as the pompous skirt, and the tall girls are a little bit like the big ladies.Tall girls themselves have the advantage of wearing clothes, and the right word is the goddess.
So today, I'm going to share some of the highlights of some tall girls, and let the tall girls out of the sky!
1:Tall girls don't have to worry too much about their legs, because the legs are long. So, there are a lot of choices to wear.
2:Wide-leg pants, straight pants, long skirts, short skirts are all ok, but be sure to pick the right top to match. Avoid the type of jacket, such as a lotus leaf sleeve or a bubble sleeve.3:A slightly tight, turtleneck sweater with a long overcoat is very temperamental and can be appropriately paired with some jewelry. Earrings, bags, scarves, etc.
4:The coat can choose a long style of woolen coat, horn button coat, pay attention to the color of the echo. Depth collocation.
5:It's also a great way to fold. The traditional way is to wear a white T-shirt or shirt in a sweater, and it's also very sensible to wear a tight sweater in a deep neck dress.
Therefore,I personally think tall girls have an advantage in wearing matching, as long as they avoid some minefields. The goddess is easily worn out.

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