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Luosifen - how can you resist its magic

2018/2/10 0:02:35
Luosifen - how can you resist its magic
Luosifen is a Chinese noodle dish and a speciality of the city of Liuzhou, in Guangxi, southern China.The ingredients are certain amount of rice noodles,  several river snails, some pork bones, some black cardamoms, some fennel seeds, a sand ginger, two star anises, some shallots, some pickled bamboo shoots, some pickled green beans, several slices of fu zhu, fresh green vegetables, some fried peanuts and several spoons of chili oil.Firstly, boil the pork bones with a sand ginger, river snails, fennel seeds, star anises,fresh green vegetables.
Secondly, fry the fuzhu and cut it into several pieces.
Thirdly, fry the pickled bamboo shoots and green beans with chili oil. Then add the bone soup and fuzhu to boil.
Lastly, cook the rice noodles with water and pour them into a bowl. Then add chili oil, bone soup and the shredded pickled bamboo shoots and green beans, shallots, black cardamoms and fried peanuts. 
So you can enjoy the luosifen. Or you can order the package from Eleme or Meituan to enjoy it. 

How can you resist it.


oh i hate the smell...
2018/3/12 14:50:09
is it really delicious?i never try it because some friends told me that it smells bad,so i don't know...maybe i should try it myself haha
2018/2/12 9:34:01
rollance @ Mackenzie : You can but it in Taobao. And you'll be surprised by its magical taste.Ha-ha~
Joanna @ Mackenzie : ACTUALLY very delicious
Mackenzie @ rollance : Ok,I can have a try!
Mackenzie @ Joanna : But why is the smell  so awful???