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Is it wrong to hold Fu upside down?

2018/2/11 16:46:48
Is it wrong to hold Fu upside down?
As the Chinese New Year is coming, British Prime Minister Teresa May hold the Chinese character" fu" in some public place, but she was mocked by London news for “wrongly” holding a traditional Chinese paper cut upside down.
May and her husband headed to Shanghai Yu Garden to experience paper cutting during the recent state visit in China.Reportedly, the couple “embarrassed” all presents by “mistakenly” putting the Fu character paper cut upside down.
Fu means luck or fortune in Chinese.
The red Chinese character “Fu” paper cut is a must in Spring Festival and a cultural symbol to express people’s wishes for good luck for the upcoming New Year. It’s often displayed upside-down according to the wordplay that “upside down”, because it sounds a lot like good luck“arrive.”Therefore, the upside-down Fu can be interpreted as good luck arrives, so it’s not always wrong to hold the character upside down. Some netizen said that it was the London news that should feel embarrassed. 
Anyway, it's a good sign for foreigners to pay more attention to the Chinese New Year, Cuz it shows that China plays a more and more important role in international world.

Wow,I only love the pocket money hhh~
2018/3/12 10:31:03
WendyWang @ Mackenzie : Everyone loves that.
Mackenzie @ WendyWang : Oh,you are so lucky to get much pocket money!
WendyWang : No, I'm too old to get lucky money now.