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A dish that you need a lot of courage to eat:fried insects

2018/2/10 6:10:15
A dish that you need a lot of courage to eat:fried insects
There are lots of way to eat insects in Yunnan insect, most of them are fried, this kind of food is not only taste crisp, but also has no smell of insects, is really good snakes while drinking wine . The insect’s nutrition is very rich, with the effect of beauty and physical fitness.
Next I want to introduce some common fried bugs:
The taste of fried spiders is described as very plain, "is more like between chicken and cod," for different people also have the feel like eat fried chicken. Taste is clear inside and outside, crisp appearance, but the middle soft and juicy. Although there is no leg meat, but the head and abdomen contains "meticulous white meat."
Fried bee pupae. Fried pupae are Yunnan's food, the bee block off from the tree, and then fried yellow, dipped in salt and pepper to eat.
Fried bamboo worms. Fried bamboo worms is favoured in Zhuang, Hani and other ethnic minorities. Bamboo worms are insects that grow in bamboo tubes, and they have high protein content. It looks good with pretty fried, thin and long, the taste should be good.
Fried pupa. Fried pupa seen in Shandong, is said to be high in protein content and also delicious.
Fried grasshopper. Fried grasshopper is also a way to eat insects in Yunnan, In the 1980s there are children in rural areas to seize the green grasshopper, grilled with fire to eat, and the fried should be about the same.

Fried pupa

Fried grasshopper

Fried bamboo worms

Fried spiders

OMG,crazy Chinese people.How could u guys eat these!!!
2018/2/12 10:00:07