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The source of energy for all day long to Shanghai people: four diamonds

2018/2/10 8:12:06
The source of energy for all day long to Shanghai people: four diamonds
Breakfast in Shanghai can be summarized as numerous and delicate, but the most typical is "four diamonds" - Chinese pie, deep-fried dough sticks, soy milk and glutinous rice roll. Shanghai people's obsessed to them for a long time, or even beyond the meaning of the breakfast itself, has become a memory of Shanghai.
Authentic Chinese pie is baked in the stove, divided into sweet and salty. Sweet pie’s production is simple, a little white sugar and flour is the filling, and then sprinkle with a few sesame seeds, sweet and delicious; and savory pie’s process is quite complex, brush how much vegetable oil, wipe the amount of salt, etc. are very important.
Deep fried dough sticks are the best partner of pie, can eat it as the single meal, but also can cut into pieces and put in soy milk to eat.
For the sweet and sour milk, the shanghainese seem to prefer salty and hot one. If coupled with shrimp, seaweed, mustard and other accessories, then sprinkle a few drops of spicy oil, if you drink it in the hot day, you will sweating profusely.
Similarly, glutinous rice roll is also have sweet and salty. The sweet one, which put red bean paste and black sesame seeds; salty are often put mustard, floss and so on. Either way, the last must be wrapped in fried dough sticks, and then group together to squeeze, squeeze while eating, both affordable and tasty.

Deep fried dough sticks

Salty sour milk,

Chinese pie

Glutinous rice roll

I can only eat steamed buns on my hurry-up way to work, so pity.
2018/2/10 10:33:08