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The easiest way to live a healthy lifestyle

2018/8/3 20:36:06
The easiest way to live a healthy lifestyle
I’m sure you are familiar with 80/20 rule.It also can be applied to  healthy lifestyle.You may be amazed at what 20% of effort will bring the maximum,i.e 80% or more beneficial results to your overall well being.As for mental health, the 20% can be divided into three sub-categories:emotional health,intellectual health and spiritual health. Start meditating so that it becomes part of daily.Be it 5 minutes or 1 hour long,twice a day-it doesn’t matter.You can think and write down ideas that come to your mind and in this way you can make your idea muscles exercised.A positive attitude also plays an important role.You should always keep a optimistic perspective on life.Try to think good things that are happening to you,which is the key to happiness.

As for physical health,the 20% includes food,exercise and sleep.You are what you eat.A healthy and balanced diet is not about just eating common healthy food like veggies,fruits,but also reach for a balance and moderation.Try to practice strength training for healthy joints,metabolism and bone mass, cardio for heart health and flexibility for tendon health and overall injury prevention.

Besides,adequate sleep is the foundation for continuing good health as well.

This is the effective 20% to keep you stay in the zone and achieve peak performance and super-productivity,put your plan for healthy lifestyle and live up to it for a longer and comfortable life.
Hope it helps!