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How to keep weight during Spring Festival

2018/2/10 16:49:09
How to keep weight during Spring Festival
Chinese Spring Festival is approaching! Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China, a time for people to relax and enjoy family reunion after a year’s hard working. However, it is inevitable that people will eat and drink too much when family members and friends get reunited. Though it is difficult to keep an absolutely healthy diet, the following advice will help us keep weight as much as possible during Spring Festival holiday.
Firstly, try to eat vegetables as much as possible. Chicken, pork, beef, mutton and other meat dishes are really common when we have meals with friends or relatives, and try not to always eat them. Eat plenty of vegetables will help reduce our meat ingestion, which is a good way to control our blood fat.
Secondly, eat nuts instead of snacks. Nuts are full of protein, vitamin, mineral substance, which are good for health. While snacks, like chips candy and cakes, are an obstacle for us to keep weight. Hence, refusing temptation from delicious snacks help us keep weight during Spring Festival.
Thirdly, take exercise regularly. Spring Festival holiday is a good time for people to relax, to enjoy family time, to summarize last year’s performance and set new goals for the next year. Do not always indulge in party or meals. Exercises are a necessity for us to keep weight when we do not have too much work and pressure.
Enjoy the approaching Spring Festival!

Vegetables are full of vitamins, which are good for health.

Eating nuts instead of candy and cakes, which help keep your weight.

Doing regular exercise help keep weight during Spring Festival holiday.