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Interesting origin of Small Year in China.

2018/2/10 19:23:00
Interesting origin of Small Year in China.
Different with the Chinese New Year, Small Year is not a specific festival and has different dates in different areas in China. The northern region call the twelfth lunar month twenty-three Small Year; the southern region consider the twelfth lunar month twenty-four as Small Year; Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai call both the twelfth lunar month twenty-four and New Year's Eve Small Year. Small Year in Nanjing means the first lunar January 15. And the first lunar month sixteen is called the small year as is the way with part of Yunnan people. For southwest and northern part of ethnic minority areas small year means New Year's Eve.
The small year means that people begin to prepare new year goods and set about cleaning room preparing for a good year, saying that the new year should have a new atmosphere and expressing the good wishes of the working people in China for happy life.
Well, do you know the origin of the festival?
Lunar December 23 and 24 are the traditional Chinese sacrificial days, also known as "small year." Legend Stove King was originally a civilian Zhang Sheng, playing and drinking day after day after marrying. At last, he spent out all of his money, begging on the streets. One day, he begged before his ex-wife Guo Dingxiang’s home. Ashamed, he drilled to the bottom of a stove and burned.
Jade Emperor know his story, thinking Zhang could turn around and is a good person after all. Since dead at the bottom of the pot, Jade Emperor put him as Stove King. Every year Stove King should report the work to Jade Emperor on lunar December twenty-three and twenty-four and go back to the bottom of the stove at New Year’s Eve. People think Stove King must be respected, because he will meet Jade king and report him the good and bad things of them. Thus, the twelfth lunar month twenty-three and twenty-four become the days for people to pray for peace and wealth in the coming year.
That is the origin of Small Year. Is it interesting? In consideration of the length of the article, I will introduce more things about small Year next time.

Stove King and his wife

Sacrifice in Small Year

wow,the interesting Chinese ancient story!
2018/3/12 10:31:41