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The beauty of China's greatest mountain

2018/8/2 4:44:13
The beauty of China's greatest mountain
   As we all know, there are many kinds of topographic features in China. And the mountains play an important part in those features. In the history of our country, the mountains have always been respected and revered by Chinese people. For instance, Wuyue, which includes the China's five great mountains, stand on the plains and are the significant places for celebrities to visit and sacrifice.
   Mountain Tai, which is the most famous one among the Wuyue, is a historical and cultural resort located in the north of the city of Tai'an, Shandong province, China. It is also listed as the world cultural and natural heritage by the UNESCO in 1987. And I was very glad to visit it with my friend last. There are quite a few temples on it. And when we arrived at top at dawn, it was a good time for us to enjoy sunrise, which is also regarded as the one of the four major attractions of Mountain Tai. Only you get the top of the high place can you appreciate its beauty. Apart from this unique landscape, we saw the laborer working with a carrying pole there what I had known in a passage written by Fengjicai.
   Just as an old saying goes, "One who doesn't get to the Great Wall is not a brave man." We can also say that, "One who doesn't get to Mountain Tai will not live a perfect life." So it is better for you to get there to enjoy the natural beauty and the landscape of the high place. 

The sunrise of Mountain Tai.

A strange tree grows in the rocks.

The crowded people.

A laborer works with a carrying pole at the mountain.