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Legend of the Demon Cat

2018/3/1 7:43:03
Legend of the Demon Cat
The story has been passed from generation to generation that Yang Yuhuan, a breathtaking beauty of Tang Dynasty in China, was deeply loved by the Emperor, yet the romance ended in a bloody tragedy.Yang Yuhuan is not merely a figure in the river of history, rather she represents beauty, fragility, and also impressive strength.  
What is the strength of a woman? One may curiously ask, Well, at least in this movie presented by Chen Kaige, a love both noble and pure is highly praised.
Tang Dynasty, how far away yet how close. It is the pride of Chinese history, in which art and literature developed to its summit. 
The movie itself is an artistic masterpiece and highly restores the bygone glory of Tang Dynasty, and the poem below best summarizes the aesthetic representation of that noble lady.

The colour'd clouds are her flowing robe, the flower, her face --       
By the dew-impearl'd railings, in the Spring wind's sweet embrace.
If atop the fairy Jade Mountains, she is not to be seen,
You'll find her at the Heav'nly Queen-Mother's, 'neath theMoon's bright sheen!

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Yang Yuhuan

The Banquet

Bai Juyi and the monk

Bai Long's dream

I've only seen a part of it. That black cat looks a little terrible.
2018/3/12 10:31:13