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A wine good for your body: Shaoxing Huadiao wine

2018/2/12 7:52:48
A wine good for your body: Shaoxing Huadiao wine
Shaoxing Huadiao wine is a very old traditional famous wine, belonging to rice wine. Huadiao wine from ancient times, called as "daughter wine", Huadiao wine is soft, bright yellow color, smells very fragrant.
It is precisely because of its mild characteristics (usually about 15 degrees), Huadiao wine is loved by the Cantonese. Huadiao wine can be directly consumed, but also can warm to 38 or 40 degrees to drink. Warmed wine can reduce the wine alcohol, so it becomes more mellow thick, easy to drink. In addition to directly drinking, many famous dishes are made from Huadiao wine, such as Huadiao chicken, Huadiao crab and so on. It is worth mentioning that drinking Huadiao wine when eat crabs drink is the best collocation.
Huadiao wine is rich in nutrition, called as "liquid cake". Its nutritional value exceeds "liquid bread" beer and nutritious wine.
1. Rich in amino acids: The main components of wine include 18 kinds of amino acids in addition to ethanol and water, of which 8 are indispensable to the body's own synthesis.
2. Easy to digest: Huadiao wine contains many easily digestible nutrients, such as: dextrin, maltose, glucose, lipids, vitamins and organic acids. These ingredients are stored and eventually make wine very nutritious, low-alcohol beverage.
3. Anti-aging: Huadiao wine is a good source of B vitamins, vitamin B1, B2, niacin, vitamin E are also very rich, long-term drinking is conducive to beauty, anti-aging.

Shaoxing Huadiao wine

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