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Different presentations of duck eggs: Songhua eggs and Salted duck eggs

2018/2/27 20:36:35
Different presentations of duck eggs: Songhua eggs and Salted duck eggs
Songhua egg is a Chinese traditional egg products. The main raw material is duck eggs, fresh and refreshing taste, brackish, color and fragrance are unique. Songhua eggs not only loved by consumers in China, also enjoys a good reputation in the international market.
After a special processing methods, the egg will become dark, above the skin there is white pattern, have a special smell, which is one of the people favourite food.
Although the egg is rich in nutrition and delicious, its alkaline is too large, so it should not eat. Recommended that when eating Songhua eggs, add some vinegar, vinegar can sterilization, but also neutralize some alkaline of the egg, have more flavor.
Salted duck eggs is a Chinese specialty food, also called as “green fruit”. Salted duck egg has a long history in China, by the people favorite, is also favored in the market. Salted duck eggs are produced in many parts of China, but the most famous are the Gaoyou salted duck eggs in Jiangsu Province.
Salted duck eggs use fresh duck as the main raw material, after pickled from re-egg, it became rich nutrition, rich in fat, protein and have a variety of amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, various trace elements, vitamins which the human body needs. Egg shell is cyan, smooth appearance, also known as "green egg." Salted duck egg has a special flavor, easy to eat, salted duck egg is a share of appetite, the color, smell and taste are very attractive.

Salted duck egg

Songhua egg