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Lo mai chi - the most tasty one on my college

2018/2/28 20:14:55
Lo mai chi - the most tasty one on my college
Lo mai chi, known in Mandarin as nuomici, is a type of Chinese pastry, one of the most standard pastries in Guangzhou. It is also referred to as a glutinous rice dumpling. What's more, there are many different modern variations such as green tea flavor, mango flavor, etc. The glutinous rice ball can be dusted with dried coconut on the outside. The outer layer is made of a rice flour dough and the inside layer is generally stuffed with a sweet filling. The most common fillings are sugar with coconut and crumbled peanuts, red bean paste, and black sesame seed paste. The last two fillings are my favorite. I almost ate it every day in the campus.
So how to make lo mai chi? The ingredients are 200g glutinous rice flour, 50g wheat starch, 50g tapioca flour, 100g red bean paste, 100g fresh milk, 50g  shredded coconut stuffing, 100g sugar and 20g oil.
Firstly, add the fresh milk in a bowl with 150g lutinous rice flour, 50g wheat starch, 50g tapioca flour, 100g sugar and some water to stir to become the pastry. 
Secondly, sift big particles from the pastry so it looks like yogurt.
Thirdly, cook the pastry in the pot.
Fourthly, the difficult step is when the water boils, stir the pastry every two minutes to make it becomes some kind of transparent. Cool it and put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
Fifthly, boil the 50g glutinous rice flour and 50g shredded coconut stuffing in the microwave oven for one minute.
Lastly, cover your hands with boiled glutinous rice flour, wrap the pastry with red bean paste and spread the shredded coconut stuffing.
So enjoy the yummy lo mai chi.

Lo mai chi

Tasty Lo mai chi

Cute Lo mai chi 

Wow,it is so cute.I love pictures that you take!
2018/3/22 11:35:31