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Lo mai gai with the special lotus flavour

2018/2/12 15:26:46
Lo mai gai with the special lotus flavour
Lo mai gai  is a classic dim sum dish served during yum cha. The portion size of  lo mai gai is generally quite large, so there is a smaller variant created known as jan jyu gai. It's prevalent in the corners of Guangzhou, popular with people as dim sum. I always ate it in the campus because it's very yummy and cheap.The ingredients are three fresh lotus leaves, 500g long sticky rice, 500g chicken wings, 10 mushrooms, 3 spoons of oil, several slices of onions and gingers, a spoon of  dark soy sauce, 2 spoons of light soy sauce, a star anise, 100ml water and a spoon of salt.
Firstly, soak the sticky rice in the water for about 2 hours, drain it of the water, cook the stick rice in the pot and cool it down.
Secondly, cut the chicken wings into halves, wash them in the water and fry them in the pot for a minute.
Thirdly, cut the mushrooms into slices. Fry slices of onions and gingers with oil, then add chicken wings and mushrooms with  dark soy sauce, light soy sauce. Add 100ml water into the pot. Then put the star anise to boil with  medium heat to make the soup thick and cool the soup down. Stir the cooked sticky rice and fried chicken wings with a spoon of salt.
Thirdly, wash the fresh lotus leaves. If the lotus leaves are big, cut them into halves and pick the stalks. Lie the lotus leaves, add a layer of cooked rice on the lotus leaves with the chicken wings in the middle. Then wrap another lay of rice around the chicken wings and roll the lotus leaves.
Lastly, put the sticky rice with the lotus leaves into the pot for 30 minutes or more. 
Actually, you could choose the ingredients by yourselves with the premise of complete lotus leaves.

Lo mai gai

Yummy Lo mai gai

Lo mai gai with the lotus flavour