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Should collage students take part-time jobs?

2017/12/26 17:42:41
Should collage students take part-time jobs?
Taking a part-time job or not is a personal choice. We often fall to appreciate the influence of it, and we think that one’s schoolwork would lag behind. I,however, personally hold that it’s highly advisable and completely helpful and moreover,it is very important for the development of college students.

Firstly, working part-time is a good way to reduce financial pressure. Collage tuition plus living expenses is not a small deal for an ordinary family. If one can work regularly after school, the stable wage can help to relieve the economic burden of his parents to some degree. Secondly, woking part-time can earn experience in advance. We often find senior employees complain about some avoidable mistakes of rookies at work. Such phenomenon is noteworthy. Collage life is a period getting prepared for actually stepping into the society. It’s necessary to warm up before the marathon begins. Last but not least, working part-time inspire students to learn harder. It’s not until I worked myself that I totally understood my parents’ pressure from economic perspective. I, then, cherished the time at college more and tried not to waste my precious youth sitting around. Everyone deserve a chance to find that, I believe.

 All in all, admittedly, one should not belittle the importance of part-time jobs for collage students. It can build up their inner strength and push them to make an unexpected change.

Both of part-time jobs and Schoolwork can play different roles in college.

Fierce competition in job market

Working is learning.

Part-time jobs are good as long as it is safe.Students can know more about the society and it is also good for their development.
2017/12/15 12:22:56