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A bite of china

2018/8/7 15:18:51
A bite of china
Wheat Baba, a traditional snack made of wheat like pies in Qujing, Yunnan, enjoys great popularity among locals. According to the local customs, it is served   as an indispensable cuisine during events like traditional festivals, birthdays for the elderly, weddings and funerals. Additionally, it plays a significant role in       engagement and invitation to the wedding. As far as locals can rememeber,Wheat Baba must be included in bride -price paid by the brigegroom's family as     part of betrothal gifts. Further more it supersede invitation card to the wedding , for receiving the Wheat Baba indicates that one is being officially invited as   a distingguished guest. An outlander was invited to attend a local wedding of in Yunnan province. After chatting with the locals for a long time , he was avid   for a sumptuous meal. So when the dinnner was ready, the famished outlander was completely enticed by a bowl of large fried meat which was golden and     greasy. He quickly picked a piece to eat but soon found it too large to eat up. Indeed, it was as thick as a beer mug and as long as a pair of chopsticks.In order not to be laughed at by the locals and not to be regarded as a prodigal, he made all his effort trying to finish it. However, the idea was soon turned out entirely impractial. Embarrassed, he could not come up with any idea to make amends.Seeing this, the local who sat next to him kindly told him the right way to cope with the large fried meat,'It is not served at dinner but for take-out'The local said with a smile .'It is regarded as a gift for the guest which can be taken home to make soup after being cut into small piece or to eat around Huo Tang ,after being cut into strips'.

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