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Chicken braised in brown sauce - a famous dish popular with Chinese

2018/2/12 20:25:31
Chicken braised in brown sauce - a famous dish popular with Chinese
Chicken braised in brown sauce, a traditional dish of Jinan, Shandong Province, can be enjoyed now throughout the country. It's very delicious with a perfect combination of color aroma and taste.  
The ingredients are four drumsticks, a bowl of rice, five mushrooms, a potato, a carrot, two green peppers, half of an onion, some flammulina velutipes, 30g gingers, some shallots, 30g light soy sauce, 15g dark soy sauce, 20g cooking wine, two spoons of salt, a star anise and 10g crystal sugar.Firstly, prepare all the ingredients and cut the drumsticks into pieces.
Secondly, wash the mushrooms with hot water and reserve the water.
Thirdly, add the drumsticks with light soy sauce and cooking wine for an hour or more.
Fourthly, cut the potatoes, carrot, onion, mushrooms and green peppers into pieces.
Fifthly, fry the shallots and gingers with oil. Then pour the drumsticks with big fire and add the reserved water.
Sixthly, pour the sauce reserved for drumsticks into the pot and add the crystal sugar, star anise, and mushrooms, then add water to cover the ingredients to cook them with big fire and gradually medium fire.
Seventhly, when the sauce shrinks to the half, add some dark soy sauce and potatoes. When the sauce becomes fewer, put the carrot and onion into the pot. Add the green peppers and  flammulina velutipes.
Lastly, cook the ingredients until the sauce becomes thick, and add the salt if tasteless. Then take them out into a bowl, enjoy it with a bowl of rice.

Chicken braised in brown sauce 

Chicken braised in brown sauce and rice

I wanna make it by myself!
2018/3/22 11:26:21