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Taro cake - a cake?

2018/2/12 20:23:22
Taro cake - a cake?
Taro cake is a Chinese dish made from the vegetable taro. While it is denser in texture than radish cakes, both these savory cakes made in a similar ways, with rice flour as the main ingredient. When served as dim sum cuisine, it is cut into square-shaped slices and pan-fried before serving. It is found in Hong Kong, China, and overseas Chinatowns restaurants. The ingredients are 600g taros, 200g rice flour, 300g water, some preserved meat, an onion, two mushrooms, shrimp meat, and a bacon.
Firstly, the shrimp meat should be soaked in the water the night before. Cut the taros, cooked preserved meat, bacon, mushrooms, and onion into pieces.
Secondly, add the rice flour with water to stir completely.
Thirdly, the shredded preserved meat, onion, mushrooms, shrimp meat and bacon are fried to add into the pastry to stir.
Fourthly, add the taro slices into the pastry with two spoons of salt. Boil the pastry wrapped around a drawer clothe in a steamer for about 20 minutes with big fire and then for an hour with medium fire.
Fifthly, take out the pastry to cool and cut it into slices. Then fry it with oil.
You can enjoy it at any time if you reserve many in the refrigerator.

Taro cake

Taro cake as a dim sum