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Million girls would kill for this Job.

2018/8/1 19:22:44
Million girls would kill for this Job.
I believe many young people nowadays have watched the chick film The Devil Wears Prada, whether crazy for fashion or not. As for me, I watched this famous movie out of curiosity when I was in high school.The three main female characters, Miranda, Andrea and Emily, impressed me a lot.Like many other girl students, admiration and disgust mingled when it came to the aggressive editor.Emily was snobbish while poor, and Andrea,comparing to them, was uncontroversially normal and sane. How I wish I could be that cool in my future career! I would insist on my righteousness regardless of surroundings. And maybe I could set a role model for the sophisticated boss and colleagues if possible.Million girls would kill for that job? Well, not me.

 Things changed after my graduation. Truly and actually steping into the society is a tough start. During this period, the ignored details emerged from the water. Andrea didn’t remain who she really is. She understood Miranda gradually, imitated some of her characteristics unconsciously, and finally, changed. The reason that Andrea quitted is not she had different opinions towards work. It’s because she is not that interested in fashion. However, she did learn something and would keep learning in another field she’d been dreaming of. Changing for job is not compromising;it's being dedicated. As for a student,I can’t figure out the theme of this film which arouses my interests to it. Changing from a student to a worker, Andrea is still my idol, and numerous other graduates’ idol, I believe. After all, whether it be western or oriental society, people always worship hard work.Million girls would kill for this job and I am one of them.

Three main characters of the movie.

Andrea’s new style

Was VS Is

Yes a good job but sometimes we should know what we really want and follow our heart.
2017/12/15 12:25:27