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Traditional Chinese craft: Drawing sugar figurine

2018/2/13 7:18:10
Traditional Chinese craft: Drawing sugar figurine
Making sugar figurine is a kind of Chinese traditional manual skills, the producers have to pick a burden, one head is the heating stove, the other is the sugar and tools. Sugar material is heated by the modulation of sucrose and maltose, the color is brown yellow, and some add pigments or pigments to make it red or green. The temperature of the product process is the key, overheating is too easy to deformation, cold will make the sugar figurine too hard to shape. The tools used are simple, mostly spoon-shaped and spatula-shaped. The sugar figurine is made of various forms of boiled sucrose or maltose, with figures, animals, flowers and so on.
Drawing sugar figurine is a folk art style sugar modeling, and spread all over Sichuan, and Zigong region has the largest variety, content is the most abundant, shapes are also the most interesting.
Sugar figurines are drawn on syrup with slate drawn. Multi-use slate smooth marble, with a layer of anti-stick oil on top. After the sugar is boiled, scoop it up with a teaspoon and pour lines out of the slate to create a pattern. Due to the thin syrup quickly cooled on the stone. Sugar figurines’ production process is very exciting. After the completion of modeling, with a small blade shovel sugar painting, sticky bamboo stick, wait a moment to serve.

Fish shaped sugar figurine

wow,it's so beautiful!folk art!
2018/3/5 17:06:11