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When the hands meet the dough will have a magical chemical reaction

2018/2/27 20:39:22
When the hands meet the dough will have a magical chemical reaction
Miansu is derived from Shandong, Shanxi, Beijing, it is one of the Chinese folk art. It is the traditional folk art of making all kinds of figures or animals' images with flour, glutinous rice flour and other raw materials. It is transferred into different colors, and various lifelike images are created by hand and simple tools. It is developed on the basis of Chinese folk non-staple food.
Miansu artist will according to the needs of readily available in the hands after several pinch, rub, knead, lift with a bamboo knife cut, carved, draw, turn into the body, hands, head, put on hair accessories and clothes. Immediately, Lifelike art image will be created. Miansu art is characterized by full modeling, and the modeling is a bit exaggerated, concise techniques, colorful, people feel warm and natural.
Miansu is not only the ornamental object, it has a strong social education function. Just as the Westerners say the glass painting in the Gothic cathedral is the bare word of the Bible, the art of miansu painting conveys a moving story with its image. People can enlighten their children's wisdom through the images of the Monkey King, White Snake, Mu Guiying and Heroes of the Marsh. At the same time, folk art always brings great surprises to art education and artistic creation.

Monkey King 

Chicken shaped Miansu