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You know what? there are happy factors in beer.

2017/12/30 10:23:44
You know what? there are happy factors in beer.
Scientists at FAU studied 13000 kinds of food ingredients, trying to figure out which ingredients could stimulate the brain response center and make people feel good. As a result, barley malt in barley or beer looks most effective.
Some foods make us want to eat many a time, scientists call it enjoyment of hunger. That is, eating is not to meet physiological needs, but to enjoy. This good feeling comes from neurotransmitter dopamine, i.e, tempting food stimulates the brain response center of dopamine D2 receptors. FAU food chemistry scientists studied on whether there are special ingredients like dopamine in food, they first established a presence in 13000 molecules in the food database to find out who can interact with the dopamine D2 receptor molecule. Finally they found 17 kinds of molecules and analyzed them in the laboratory. Among them, the effect of barley malt is the most satisfactory, and this substance exists in barley malt and beer. Beer contains ingredients that activate the dopamine D2 receptor, which is surprising to researchers. It turns out that there really is a happy factor in beer.

Barley malt is the main ingredient in making beer

A lot of people like beer.

Beer leads enjoyment of hunger.

Happy factors in beer...Are you kidding me?
2017/12/4 15:04:18