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The attractive girl

2018/2/28 15:17:25
The attractive girl
The standard of beauty in China is believed to be the person who has the white skin and big eyes, because people are affected by the commercial ads. So many girls dress well and buy a lot of cosmetics to make them look beautiful and attractive. I have seen so many beautiful girls but only the one who is funny that can attract my attention. 
The charm of a person is not from appearance, but from inside. I met a person when I joined my friend’s party. The girl was playing cards, while other girls played tricks and made the boys feel embarrassed. Then the girl laughed and put her cards on the table and asked to play other games as it was so boring. What she did made the boys set free from the awkward situation. I admired her so much and made friends with her. Later I found that her life was so excellent. Though she did not make up often, she dressed neatly, and her room was tidy. When I asked her question about the brands, she could offer me some advice.  Bur she never showed off it. 
The girl was full of charm to me, and I learned a lot from her. 

Showing concern, care, and compassion about the world around you in the things in it also depicts the perception of a person.

You possess an iron will, a strong ego and a unique personal magnetism. You make a loyal friend and a passionate lover.

Don"t talk to a girl about other girls" attractiveness; it"s distasteful and can degrade the girl"s opinion of herself.

Wow,a nice girl!There r so many materialistic girls around and i still think many girls know what they want and will chase for it.Anyway,happy girls' day!
2018/3/8 15:16:06