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The weapon which can drive the beasts away: Firecrackers

2018/2/14 6:15:27
The weapon which can drive the beasts away: Firecrackers
The origin of firecrackers has a history of over 1,000 years. In the past there was no gunpowder and paper, the ancients used fire to burst bamboo to made the explosive sound to expel the plague god. Of course, this is a folklore legend, but it reflects the good wishes of the ancient Chinese people who crave for peace. In modern times, Chinese fireworks are almost always fired at traditional festivals, ceremonies and other occasions. In particular, during the Spring Festival, the use of firecrackers is more than half of the annual consumption.
Whether it is the New Year holidays, or marry, as well as the completion of the building, shops and so on, people are accustomed to firecrackers to celebrate. Firecrackers will be set off even in many places, but not only for celebration. There are different customs and uses of firecrackers, but most are celebrated. This custom has been in our country for more than 2,500 years.
There is a legend since ancient times: on the night of New Year's Eve every year there was a beast called “Nian” appeared. To scare the beast, people burned bamboo sticks at their doorstep (or posted the red object outside), due to the expansion of the air inside the bamboo stick, making the bamboo stick burst, which issued a loud noise, to expel the beast. With the invention of gunpowder, gunpowder firecrackers replaced the bamboo firecrackers of the past. Now in order to protect the environment, invented an electronic firecrackers to instead of the traditional ones.

Electronic firecrackers

Gunpowder firecrackers

Although setting off firecrackers will pollute the environment, it is the most distinctive thing in the Spring Festival.
2018/3/8 15:21:36