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Nine delicious breakfasts which can awake Shanghainese

2018/2/28 20:26:11
Nine delicious breakfasts which can awake Shanghainese
Small wonton, thin stuffing tender, delicious soup. Because the skin is thin, inside the stuffing can be seen through the skin. The soup is delicate, add some shrimp, mustard end, egg skin, fresh and not greasy, delicate meat.
Meat bun has the thin and soft skin, the stuffing is a real piers like a large meatballs, meat is tight with lean meat and fat, add a little spring onion, ginger to relieve the smell. The proportion of sugar and soy sauce is perfect, every bite can really feel the strong taste of sweet and fragrant in the mouth.
The process of make the shallot pancake is to roll the dough into strips first, add a large amount of lard and chopped green onion, roll up, and then crushed flat in the pan blew, finally placed on the side of the stove to roasted extra oil and water.
Pot stickers is a kind of fried stuffing food. Produced exquisite, delicious taste. According to the season arrange different fresh vegetables. The shape of the pot stickers is  different, generally slender dumplings shape.
Rice cake roll can be considered as a classic Shanghai breakfast. The practice of rice cake roll is actually very simple, that is, a variety of fillings wrapped in it, but this simple combination has a different magical taste. I prefer the mixture of sweet and salty.
Shumai is a kind of hot steamed snacks. Shape as pomegranate, white crystal, sufficient filling and thin skin. Fragrant and delicious, have the advantages of Xiaolongbao and pot stickers.
Shanghai people love to eat noodles, especially like the Soviet-style red soup thin noodles, eat a hot bowl of noodles, then drink the soup as finish, will make you satisfied for a whole day.
In addition to these, the “four diamond” and Shengjian I introduced previously is also the breakfast which can awakened Shanghai people.

Small wonton

Meat bun

Shallot pancake

Pot stickers and Shengjian

Rice cake roll


Soviet-style red soup thin noodles