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Food prepared for the Spring Festival

2018/2/14 16:28:35
Food prepared for the Spring Festival
Today is February 14th, 2018, the Valentine's Day. It is also December 29th, 2017 of the lunar calendar, the penultimate day of 2017 and tomorrow is the end of 2017, the Spring Festival. As people mostly came to their parents and celebrate the Spring Festival, seldom lovers are able to get together today to celebrate the festival of Valentine's Day but to get together with their own parents to celebrate the festival of Spring Festival at home. So special a day it is!
As tomorrow is just the Spring Festival, people have prepared different kinds of food. In addition to steamed stuffed buns, fried balls, fried bread, people always make stews, fried fish, sausage,fried dough twists(some family will not make them which are a little comlicated). Thereinto, I like to eat the fried fish the most and sausage the next. I don't know how the fish is preserved before being fried, the fried fish made by my mother taste delicious without any fishy smell. In recent two years, meat balls beome popular in my family as my mother discover all of us like them more than vegetarian ones which are common every year.  
It is one year after our marriage, which makes me a little unadapted to this new family. Just take the steamed stuffed buns made by my mother and my mother-in-law which are commonly consisted of pork, fried Doufu, vermicelli at this time, the former is thicker in the wrapper, which makes a steamed stuffed bun wrap less filling. So the former taste a little worse than the later at first. However, after eating them for several times, I miss those made my mother more and more as I have adapted to that taste even a steamed stuffed bun of thinner wrapper taste better.

Steamed stuffed buns made my mother for the Spring Festival, the taste of which I have adapted to

Sausage which I never eaten before marriage is prepared in my husband's for the Spring Festival

Fried fish cubes made my mother are very delicious without any fishy smell 

The last day of the last lunar month is the most important day in the whole Spring Festival. If one missed the dinner with his or her family in this day, he or she would feel very sorry.
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