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My friend and I wandered aroundOrange continent

2018/2/14 19:55:42
My friend and I wandered aroundOrange continent
On February 2, 2018, at 8 PM, my friends and I arrived at Changsha railway station. This means the beginning of the journey. After dinner, we started to go to Orange continent. It's late, there were few people on the road. Orange continent is on the edge of Xiangjing river.
When we walking along the river, we looked up and saw the brilliant lights of thousands of lights. My friend walked in the front of me. I could hear the laughter they were discussing. And my heart was really calm. At that moment I didn't want to think about anything.
I like to blow the wind in the river, as if it can cause me to think about the soul. It was a particularly wonderful feeling. The night was particularly cold, so we didn't stay long.The last, my friend and I took pictures in Orange continent as a souvenir.
This is the first trip to start in 2018. I like to hang out with my friends. I like Orange continent.Tourism can not only increase our knowledge, but also promote the development of friendship.
If you don't go to travel, miss more than just scenery. 

 The edge of Xiangjing river

Orange continent

River and wind r kind of medicine to cure people!
2018/3/8 15:13:03