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Shrimp balls - a must in Chaoshan's Spring Festival

2018/2/28 20:05:15
Shrimp balls - a must in Chaoshan's Spring Festival
Shrimp balls, a Chaoshan's delicious dish, stand for the meaning of union and are enjoyed in Chaoshan's Spring Festival. So how to make this dish? The ingredients are 20g shrimps, 1g pork, 1g Chinese water chestnut, 1g flour, 4 eggs and certain amount of salt and chicken powder. Firstly, wash the shrimps and removes the shells and shrimp lines.
Secondly, pat the shrimps with a knife and chop them. But don't mince the shrimps and just keep them intact.
Thirdly, peel and wash the Chinese water chestnut and cut it into pieces. Then wash the pork, and cut it into pieces.
Fourthly, wash the duck eggs.
Fifthly, stir the Chinese water chestnut, chopped pork, shredded shrimps and duck eggs with flour, salt and chicken powder to become the thick dough.
Sixthly, grap a small dough, use a spoon to scrape a ball, put it into the hot oil and repeat the process. Fry the balls to make them become gold and put them into a plate.
Then eat and reserve some in the refrigerator. In Chaoshan, we have different kinds of balls with different stuffing such as fish balls, octopus balls, beef balls, and  pork balls. Maybe there are other kinds of balls. What I most like is octopus balls anf beef balls which are expensive. But shrimp balls can be preserved for a longer time in refrigerator, while other balls need to be eaten when fresh. 

Fry shrimp balls.

Enjoy fried shrimp balls.

Fried shrimp balls.

but i am a little bit fat and i can't eat fried things like this...oh i wanna eat eat eat!
2018/3/6 14:38:30