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The food eat on the Laba Festival which can show the homage to ancestors and deities

2018/2/28 20:25:34
The food eat on the Laba Festival which can show the homage to ancestors and deities
Laba porridge is a kind of porridge cooked in a variety of ingredients Laba, also known as Qibao flavored porridge. Eating Laba porridge, to celebrate the harvest, has a long history.
There is a wide variety of Laba porridge throughout China. Among them, Beijing style is the most exquisite, with many items such as jujube, lotus seeds, walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, pine nuts, longan, hazelnuts, grapes, ginkgo, water chestnuts, black silk, roses, red beans and peanuts and so on, more than 20 kinds of materials.
"Laba tofu" is the flavor specialty in Qian County, Anhui Province. Before and after Laba Festival every year, every households must to dried tofu. First used soybeans to made tofu, and cut into round or square block, then cast the salt water, dig a hole in the middle of the tofu, pour some salt water into the hole, explore and dry them in the sun, let salt gradually inhaled, the water is also gradually dried, this natural sun-dried tofu is called "Laba tofu."
Laba garlic is a custom in North China. Put the peeled garlic cloves into a sealed jar, pour the right amount of rice vinegar into it, and seal the garlic on the Laba Festival and put it in a place with a lower temperature. Slowly, garlic will become green, and finally become the same as the emerald green. On the New Year's Eve, eating dumplings with the Laba garlic can make the dumpling taste better, the Laba garlic is dark red and arrange in pair of the rice vinegar, not only very good-looking, but also refreshing taste .

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