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A breathtakingly handmade arts performances: China Shadow puppets

2018/2/15 7:49:12
A breathtakingly handmade arts performances: China Shadow puppets
Shadow puppets, also known as "shadow play", is a folk drama featuring sketches of skins or cardboards to make a story. During the performance, the entertainers are behind the white curtains, manipulated the filmmakers while telling the stories in local popular tunes, accompanied by percussion instruments and strings, have a strong local flavor. The popularity is extremely wide range, and because of the different voices there has a wide variety of shadow puppets.
According to historical records, the shadow play began in the Western Han Dynasty, prosperous in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Qing Dynasty, in the Yuan Dynasty spread to West Asia and Europe, it has a long history. Shadow puppet is a folk art form in China. Gansu’s shadow puppet is mainly located in Pingliang, Qingyang counties, the more concentrated in the east Shanxi and Ningxia Triangle.
In 2011, China's shadow puppet was selected into the list of human intangible cultural heritage masterpieces.
From Goethe in 18th century to Chaplin and other celebrities in the world have all given high marks to the art of shadow puppets in China. Can be said that shadow puppet is a long history and a widely circulated folk art in China. This art form was originated in China, fascinated by many foreign fans, people affectionately call it "China's lamp."

Backstage of  Shadow puppet

Shadow puppet: Cowboy and weaver

Shadow puppet: Journey to the West

Journey to the West is my most precious childhood memory.
2018/3/8 15:22:59