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The friendship between a pig and a spider.

2018/2/15 23:50:26
The friendship between a pig and a spider.
In the owner's warehouse, a group of animals live happily, in which the little pig Wilbur and the spider Charlotte have established the most sincere friendship. However, sudden news broke the calmness of the barn: Wilbur would soon be made into bacon ham. As a pig, a desperate Wilbur seems to only accept the mercy of fate. However, the seemingly small Shilo said, "I save you." So, Charlotte wire in the yard with their weave "online" text. Then, it uses its silk out of the "online" text in the pigsty, these words were seen as miracles by human beings, which completely reversed the fate of Wilbur. The farmer took it to the bazaar to take part in the competition, and it won the prize. Its life would end in ease, and no longer had to worry about being slaughtered. But because Charlotte weaving exhausted, eggs and left this world.
There is such a word in the book: “A spider, it is meaningless to catch and eat flies in a lifetime, and by helping you may improve the value of my life a little. Everyone knows that people are alive to do something meaningful.” This is a child's reading, which makes me cry. Because of the touching friendship and the pure inner experience of reading, this is the book "Charlotte's net" that I love very much. In fact, no matter how old we are, we always want to be protected by good friends. It's very fortunate that I have such a friend.

Charlotte wants to tell him, no matter how hard it is, don't worry. Don't worry about it. Let's go to sleep.

 It's very fortunate that I have such a friend.

what a cute pig and what a lovely story!
2018/3/12 14:32:48