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Soulmate - the most beautiful encounter is meeting the other version of yourself

2018/2/16 13:23:07
Soulmate - the most beautiful encounter is meeting the other version of yourself
Soulmate describes a modern love story characterized by wretched and moving plots as well as bustling urban setting.  Qiyue and Ansheng, 13 years old, study in a school and become good friends. They have different characters: Qiyue is quiet and tractable  while Ansheng is outgoing and enthusiastic, but they are attracted by each other. They have thought they will company each other forever, but it's nothing but the same love for a boy called Jiaming that drifts them apart.Then they all start on a journey of growing up with pain and relief.
They all remain true to their own heart. Qiyue, a girl of walking the chalk, actually aspires for a rebellious life. The turning point comes at the eve of marriage of Qiyue anc Jiaming. She gets tired of her dull and regular life and successful in escaping the marriage by asking Jiaming to run away. She knows the marriage acts as a catalyst  to inspire her true pursuit for her wandering life. When Qiyue and Ansheng reunite, they all become who they want to be. Qiyue becomes more unrestrained while Ansheng renders more peaceful. It makes me reflect on myself. I am content about my life when I can decide to further my study or follow the convention of graduating, finding a normal job, and getting married. I don't want to live up to my parents' expectation because they hope me can start a family and live a stable life. Even though my relatives also say that since you are a girl of 23 years old, you should lessen your parents' burden and find a good man to start a family. So I make up my mind to prove myself that I, a girl of small town, can create my special life by earning money to further my study and living a entertaining life. It's my life that others have no right to criticize me. May you all live a unique life!


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Qiyue and Ansheng

At the end, i become what you are.
2018/3/12 14:34:29