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Where to visit in Beijing?

2018/7/28 9:00:28
Where to visit in Beijing?
Usually, the capital city is the face of a country and the representative of its culture. This rule applies to China as well. Undoubtedly, culture-wise, it is a real symbol of our nation. Where to visit in Beijing is actually a question hard to answer because the list is going to be super long. However,  if it is the first time you visit Beijing, I would still suggest you see all the hot touristic spots. No matter how clich? it sounds, it is still worth to pay for those visits.
So in this very first post about places, I will list some of the top places for you. But, considering there are already tons of information you could find about these spots, I would skip the official figures or stories.

The Forbidden City
“The Forbidden City is actually not forbidden!” – That was a stupid joke that I made with my friend last time when we were there. Even as a Chinese, I was amazed by this palace. The historical touch is quite impressive. The stories about those ancient emperors become vivid. This is really a unique experience that you would not find in any other cities. It is said that there are 9999 rooms inside. (Number released from some unofficial source. Not sure if it is true or not, I did not count!). A little reminder here: you will need your passport to buy the ticket at the entrance and Monday is the closing day except during summer vacation from July 1st to August 31st or public holidays. But you may want to avoid to visit on those days. 

The Great Wall
One of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Wall is for sure on the list of MUST-SEE. But actually, there are many “Great Walls” in China. All of them are real, just not been built by the same emperor. Each emperor invested to build some parts according to their actual situation at that time. The biggest part and also the most famous one for tourists is called ” Ba Da Ling Great Wall” (八达岭长城). It is quite far from the city center. Last time, one way only by taxi, it took us around 2 hours to get there. If you want to go with public transportation, be prepared to spend at least 3 hours for one way. And if you go by taxi, it would be safer to book the round trip with the same driver. Otherwise, it may be complicated to find another taxi after the visit.  For this kind of distance, a lot of taxi drivers may not willing to charge according to the meter, you might have to negotiate the price with the taxi driver. You ‘d better check the estimated cost with someone in your hotel before you negotiate. It could differ a lot based on where you live.
Tian’anmen Square
Beijing is the politic center in China and Tian’anmen Square is the symbol of that power. For a better view of the whole square, you can go up to the Tian’anmen Rostrum. It is also the same place where our president watches the parade every year on October 1st. One thing is that you are not allowed to have any bag with you if you want to climb up to the Rostrum. There is a special place next to it where you have to leave your bag and please don’t put any phone/cash/passport etc in the bag. And this place is just in front of the Forbidden City, you can visit these two places in one day.
Olympic Park 
The whole area has been kept since the Olympic games in 2008. The main highlights are the Bird Nest and the Water Cube. Personally, I don’t think it is worth to pay for the entrance fee and go inside because they are just stadiums like others. But these two places look quite beautiful in the evening with the lights on. That’s the best timing for visiting.
There are many other clich? places to visit obviously, such as Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven. But, I think you may get a bit tired of those places after the visit of the Forbidden City. They are more or less the same. The style of the architectures is close and they share a lot of similar stories because they all belong to the Royal family.
So anything more you want to know about Beijing? And please wait for my next post about the food in Beijing.

The Forbidden City

The Great Wall

Tian'anmen Square

Bird Nest

Water Cube