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The show which can change the face freely

2018/2/28 20:10:32
The show which can change the face freely
Sichuan opera is one of the traditional operas, popular in the eastern part of Sichuan, Chongqing and Guizhou, parts of Yunnan. Sichuan bian lian is one of the important performing arts of the part of Sichuan opera, it is created and inherited by Sichuan opera artists.
Sichuan bian lian is one of the stunt of Sichuan Opera, used to uncover the thoughts and feelings of the characters in the play, that is, change the invisible abstract emotions and mental state into a visible and sensible specific image - Mask. Sichuan bian lian is the art of shaping a stunt used in the Sichuan Opera. It is a romantic way to reveal the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters in the play.
Compared to Sichuan Opera itself, the origin and generous arts, face formation skills are also vested in the twentieth century. During this period, bian lian constantly exploration, evolution, refinement, and gradually become a major feature of Sichuan Opera. The tragedy of Sichuan Opera is very unique. All the twists, turns of the emotions and the changes in the heart are all useful. It shows the unspeakable rhythm of the character with its grotesque appearance, the performance of practices, no doubt greatly increased the performance of the Sichuan Opera itself, each and every actress face change, it often leads to overflowing suffering. Visible, people are approval of this extremely nice play.

 Sichuan bian lian

I have never seen it. But it is so magical just from TV.
2018/3/8 15:27:17