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Reading purifies the mind and my book report on Rich Dad Poor Dad

2018/2/17 18:22:16
Reading purifies the mind and my book report on Rich Dad Poor Dad
Books are to mankind what memory is to the individual. Style is to the book what smile is to the look. I insist on reading books. I desire to share my book report on Rich Dad Poor Dad with you. The book is recommended by my darling monitor and I spend about three days finishing reading it. After reading it, I am deeply touched by the views from the rich dad. The purpose of  the writer is to persuade us of  the profound notion that we should have a good knowledge of  the meaning of  "asset" and "debt" and make full use of  financial IQ education to make more money. A number of  people(usually the poor and middle class) fall into a misunderstanding that they should work hard to support their life. In other worlds, they work for money. On the contrary, the rich let money work for them. In the past, I mainly do some part-time jobs with the purpose of  making money to support my college living expenses. Accordingly, I had little time for learning skills and knowledge. Rich Dad exerts a positive influence on me. I come to realize the profound notion that financial IQ knowledge is of  great importance. In the future, I will acquire more financial IQ knowledge to make money instead working by physical activity. The book is worth reading. I hope my book report can have an impact on you.

the book Rich Dad Poor Dad

the profound notion that influences me

Perhaps the most difference between the rich and the poor is attitude towards money.
2018/3/12 14:38:33
xiaoshuqin @ rollance : agree with your opinion