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Why I like English

2018/2/28 15:09:16
Why I like English
English is one of the main subjects in our education, it ranks as important as Chinese and math. English is my favorite subject, I learn so many interesting things. Other students always complain that English is so difficulty to learn, but learning English is a kind of joy of me.

The reason that I like English so much is that I can broaden my vision. Before I learned English, I only cared about the things in our country, I even refused to know more about the foreign country, because I thought all of them were bad things. But when I learned English, I started to learn that foreign culture had their charm.

I like to make friends, when I learn English, I can make friends with people from different countries. I have made friends with people from American and England. Talking with them makes me excited, we share our  culture and have a nice talk. 

English the most widely used language, it is necessary to master it. The passion about English helps me learn English so easily.

I can't tell when it started that I loves the English.

One is that the competition is a very good way to practice the student's speaking and it can help improving their qualities of English. And so as the English corner.

At first, I fell in love with these songs, I learned to sing them, I found I could remember more and more words.